But I dont need Google Maps Javascript API, just need Places API! I'm facing the same permission issue, what next, I know I cannot trick Google by enabling through inspect element like I would most insecure sites. Could you send a URL? In my case, the problem was that I was using this restriction: HTTP referrers (web sites) Accept requests from these HTTP referrers This message is displayed when you have not enabled the JavaScript API for your Google Maps API project. Please, try that and let us know if you need further assistance. How to "enable" it? [This thread is closed.] Why do people still live on earthlike planets? I tried many referrer variations and waiting 5 minutes as well until I realized the example Google populates in the form field is flawed. You must use this new API Navigator Key, generated by the system. How to get the SHA-1 fingerprint certificate in Android Studio for debug mode? The site does not provide any warranties for the posted content. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and Forms of stellar orbits around the galactic center, Retrieving a substring from an exponentially growing string. Which equals operator (== vs ===) should be used in JavaScript comparisons? How long does the trip in the Hogwarts Express take? Was a bit of a search for me :), Does it take a while to update? Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and Is the Dutch PMs call to »restez chez soi« grammatically correct? Can a virtual machine (VM) ever overwrite the host disk, or a host a guest disk, or a guest another guest disk? Customize colors, roads, labels, and more. You get this error when the current URL loading the Google Maps JavaScript API has not been added to the list of allowed referrers. The content posted here is free for public and is the content of its poster. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. English word for someone who often and unwarrantedly imposes on others. 3 of the best Map Marker Icon Collections of 2021; How to add a Google Map to Elementor; Version 8.1 around the corner! How is this practice viewed? Have you tried following the advice on the linked help page? Must the Vice President preside over the counting of the Electoral College votes? When you search for an API other than Maps JavaScript API they wont show up. Now I have 6(!) This notice will provide a link to a tool, which you … If you see the following messages, you are not using your API key correctly: Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys; Google Maps JavaScript API error: MissingKeyMapError; For web developers: If you have access to the source code of your application, look for the