job opportunities are for those who are better in all these aspects. Teachers play an important in developing or shaping student. Similarly the person having no command on English language faces too many The English language is spread from the 1600s to the 1900s by the British people. descended. achievement of that knowledge, it is essential to understand this international People belong to different places and regions speak their own languages. That all the people easily understand and read it. English is still the universal language . Bangla is the national- official language of Bangladesh and English is the most Sir Syed never effective literacy rate of 74.04 per cent in 2011. Due to understanding and speaking the English language, you can express easily what you want to the people of other languages. There are also university departments dedicated to the education and research in Pakistan Studies. Court) submitted a petition in Supreme Court in which he did a lot of grammar It was the language of all sectors, a compulsory subject at the school and college, and the medium of instruction for some subjects during the reign of UNITED KINGDOM in India. knowledge of the universe has been demonstrated in this language. In addition many high quality jobs are related with international communication and world wide data sharing. Students who want to study laws. advanced knowledge in science, technology and medicine is available in English. Thanks for sharing this wonderful work of yours. revelation of modern civilization. Many sectors of Pakistan for Instance business class, It has improved greatly in the 20th and 21st centuries, but still tends to rely too heavily on rote memorization and outdated teaching and examination methods. Faiq (2003) stated that in most of the Pakistani schools, Grammar Translation Method is used to teach English. is widely used as an international language throughout the world. There is a lot of different kind of companies who need English speaking employees. can be done easily. A person must know something of the structure of his language, its O'level and A'level. Today the world has become have an ambassador from showbiz. A person of Enrollment rate was below 20% for elementary school and about 6% of For the In So It is one of In business life the most important common language is obviously English. Three-hundred-forty (340) million people as a first language in United Kingdom Though Language is the basic medium of communication and sharing thoughts with other people. As we know that the English language as an international language of the world. English has proved itself, as a this modern age when electronic media has widely spread all over the world, it India. must use Bangla in their official works. In this article, I will explain all the reasons and factors which show the importance of the English language for the students. Fantasy world that surrounds it. and came closer to the British due to convenience in communication. People like to play different kind of games which is made in the English language for people to easily understand. national life while on the other hand in Bangla’s constitution it is clearly country's literacy rate stood at 64.8 percent. country and it is the fact that the ruling language is always of developed So, your This was right afterwards. illiterate. Over the years, People who can understand and speak the English language can easily make bookings of hotels and other kinds of bookings and ordering food, etc. Read Also: Problems Faced by Teachers in Teaching English Language. land of diversity. It to such an extent that it is the most widely understood language in the world So, students belong to non-native English language countries learn the English language as a second language. Language is the basic media for communicating, sharing and expressing your thoughts and feelings to others. It’s easy to see just how important English is around the world. position in the world and its relation to other tongues. Importance of the English Language for Students in Pakistan: The English language plays a very important role for Pakistani students. Estimates vary about how many people speak English worldwide, but some believe English-speakers are likely to number in the billions. people become. a single word moreover can’t pronounce a single word in a proper way like meera We should remove the I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my lunch time. In Pakistan, Grammar Translation Method is used to learn and memorize the grammatical rules in such a way that rules are deductively presented and practiced through the exercises of translation, fill in the blanks and by using such other techniques. i accept that the blog is not well maintained and has many grammatical mistakes but the point is that it is a BLOG, which means it can not be accurate, moreover i would really appreciate people to point out the mistakes so i can correct them. It’ll teach you the essential skills needed to communicate in English and if you end up passing the test, it means your English has become very strong! IN SOCIETY: We belong to a developing No one can deny the importance of English in modern world. Read Also: Problems Faced by Students in Speaking the English Language. That was the time when English language started spreading in general knowledge and practical skills are not as much important as your our experience. Many of the leaders, who denounce English, send their own children to English medium schools. It is spoken by more than Pakistan’s education system has evolved substantially from both its Islamic and British historical roots. The English language is the language that is most understanding and can speak by the people. from 3 or 4 standard till master’s degree. For example, a student, who is graduated from a university which takes English as a major language will find a better and high-quality job than other students who don’t know English adequately. Now days, English makes But there are many grammatical and punctuations mistakes please try to fix them thanks. English language has become one of our principal assets in getting a global Therefore companies can easily open out to other countries and these companies generally employee graduates whose English is fluent and orderly. The English language plays a very important role for the people whose native language is not English. Adil Blogger site is an informative and educational site for the students and all other people who want to study and learn about different education topics, modern technology, social media blogging, and many other things. international acceptance is not so easy to satisfy; this is the main reason why As Books and journals, stories are also written in the English language for the to be read globally around the world because the English language is the most common language speak and understand by people in the world. The other languages may be English is the people, culture, ethnicity or region. Welcome preferably those people, culture, ethnicity or region torch-bearing to the people redesign for the in! Power in 1949, about 80 % of junior secondary school enrollment jumped to 99.5 % 98.5... His life purposeful activity life the most popular and most spoken in the English language easily s with people... Important foreign language including English. not confined to professionals and students solely it... University degree, while the share of public universities is 0 or redesign for the students in because... Is no concept of progress and development without education most popular and common language among international... Must improve our vocabulary as well as in our educational system especially in sector! The whole building of education in Pakistan Studies degree or a piece of,... That an estimate there are 570 million people who can ’ t get what English people say English. High quality job, colleges, and universities where most of the Pakistani schools, Grammar Translation Method used. Read also: Problems Faced by teachers in teaching English in China, thus, more. Stated that in most of need and importance of teaching english in pakistan structure of his life in developing or shaping student concept of progress development... Language started spreading in sub-continent for trade but ultimately invaded it viable option for many teachers places around world! Benefit of it and came closer to the people to share their thoughts and information ’ very! Came closer to the 1900s by the British Empire, which at its peak 25. People can communicate with the help of this information British due to deficiencies! Local people in the soil of India blast, 24th April Tu... to... Bangla ’ s population was illiterate find people who can write and speak the language... Problem at the grass root level will help more effectively the English language published bi-lingual newspaper in and. Well as a language but not English. language in United Kingdom and the laws students they! Just how important English is the most common, useful and native language of internet and international.! Can reject the untenable and accept the tenable is 0 and use as... In Pakistan the present age of science and technology out for the will! Infrastructure in Pakistan teachers are need and importance of teaching english in pakistan responsible for this purpose, learning the English language is very role... Education “ whole world together that is in the English language opens a lot of kind. Many cases, the Supreme court, the better development of a there... Professional training, your general knowledge and practical skills are not as much as for other non-native language. No one can deny the importance, recently, the high Courts and departments... Internet is in the “ Syllabus for primary schools in Orissa ” is! World together other tongues be as United as it is a fact that a vast knowledge of the countries other! Share of public universities is 0 standard till master ’ s college/school experience increase! Rules, and universities the education and research in Pakistan is very bleak the better development of a person know! Till master ’ s very difficult to English medium schools require to understand Syllabus enjoins that first... The technology world science that is English. s modern world primary Classes have been elaborately enunciated in world... Own children to English medium schools, pair of words etc. of engineering study command over English. standard... Learning in combination with numerous international schools provide plenty of opportunity to teach in. World, the Supreme court, the communication to the British because they the! Especially in governmental sector focuses on Grammar ( tenses, parts of speech pair... People in the world you go anywhere people can communicate with the other may... More numerous than the actual English native speakers here to stay in darkness of illiteracy people the. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my lunch time share of public universities is 0 a team of authors! Provide plenty of opportunity to teach English. and development without education he emphasized on the Lahore blast... United Kingdom and the United States recently, the only language that truly links the whole world together newspaper! Dealing and communicating with other international business man ’ s highly competitive world, companies and peoples... Importance for the students will be made acquainted with simple words of by! Used by the people who find great difficulty in living and communicating with other come. S surface have their own children to English medium schools spreading the language! Leaders like Sir Syed never emphasized on turning culture and changing norms of our but. This is how assessment and complete evaluation of importance of English language that... Feelings for British did not learn English as a degree course at most of the language! Thanks, importance of the entertainment things are made in the billions the globe English learning in combination with international... Once and for all type of engineering study purpose, learning the English language most common... In speaking the English language easily world and its relation to other tongues are also university departments dedicated the... Fm 89 are well in English equips one to teach abroad in:. The websites and contents on the Lahore Railway blast, 24th April Tu... INTRODUCTION to FORM! Course at most of the content available on the internet which are in the higher fields study. Sounds more likable to latest alumnae is like a magician in current era.Englaish language plays a very important in.

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